“Illegal Drones Spotted Near North Sea Gas Fields” | Abroad

Drones have been seen flying without permission near gas fields in the North Sea. That’s what Danish police say, after Nord Stream gas pipelines were sabotaged in the Baltic Sea last month. There have been similar incidents in Norwegian waters before.

“Over the weekend, we received reports of drones in the North Sea,” a police spokesman said. The drones were spotted near the Ruhr gas field, which is operated by the French group Total Energy (which is located more than 200 kilometers off the west coast of Denmark).

This is the second time in a week that such reports have emerged. And the newspaper “Extra Bladet” reported, Thursday, “unauthorized” drone activity over the Halfdan B gas field, which is also operated by the French group. TotalEnergies itself has not commented.

After the suspected sabotage of gas pipelines between Russia and Germany, Denmark is getting tougher about the security of its energy infrastructure. Neighboring Norway has followed Denmark’s lead as it sees its oil and gas facilities as a potential target. Norway then indicated that it sees more and more drones flying around the oil facilities.

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