In 1889 the village of Llanwdin was again flooded due to drought

Due to high temperatures in recent weeks, water levels in Wales have dropped significantly. The underwater village of Llanvdin can be revisited.

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North Wales has gained another village, at least for a while. While the heat continues here too, Llanvdin, which has been under water since 1889, has re-emerged for a short while, the water level having dropped considerably. The village is located on the site of the largest artificial freshwater reservoir in Europe since 1881, which served as a share for the city of Liverpool.

Unfortunately for the residents of Llanwdin, which had one church, 3 inns, 10 farms and 37 houses, the village was neglected and everyone had to pack their bags and start a few miles away, in a village where they too were Llanwdin.

Those who wish to see the Atlantis of Wales should seize their opportunity soon, for it is seldom so dry that the houses, walls, and roads of the original village can be seen; The last time was during the 1976 heat wave.

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Calls for secession are also growing in Wales

Unlike Scotland, Wales never intended to leave England. It changes In recent years. National self-awareness is on the rise, partly due to football success, pride in the Welsh and the coronavirus pandemic.

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