Audrey has to find the editor in chief again. Carolina Verhoeven has stopped working due to health

The local radio board, Odrie, has to find the editor-in-chief again. The current editor-in-chief, Carolina Verhoeven of Haulerwijk, has announced that she will have to finish her job as Odrie’s editor-in-chief regarding her health before the summer.

She was appointed editor-in-chief at the beginning of this year. Her health is letting her down, which means she can no longer do much of her work. This is no longer the case with Odrie’s volunteering. With Verhoeven’s arrival at the beginning of this year, the long quest for another editor-in-chief within the ranks was finally completed.

Verhoeven made a request to Audrey for a helping hand and an ear to listen. The ambitious Verhoeven was full of ideas for the radio station to make Odrie prosper. Expansion of current affairs programmes, getting more young people into the broadcaster by creating youth programmes, expanding the arsenal of reporters and technicians and increasing their visibility on the street were of paramount importance to Verhoeven.

Board members waving goodbye

Odrie’s board of directors will soon begin the search for an editor-in-chief position. They will also be looking for replacements on the board now that Ate Mulder and Peter Bes have indicated they are leaving the board. The Board of Directors has since appointed Peter Jäger as Vice President.

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