New research proves: “Vegetables and fruits make you happy…

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become happier? Then it is better to eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise. According to a study conducted by British universities in

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That there is a connection between your lifestyle and your general well-being is old news, but it’s new findings in the journal Happiness Studies JournalIt turns out that there is a positive correlation between lifestyle with fruits and vegetables, exercise in the lead, and satisfaction with life itself.

The researchers discovered this thanks to the observational method, which allowed them to consider each lifestyle-related happiness effect separately. This showed that consuming fruits and vegetables and exercising makes people happy, not the other way around. This study is the first of its kind to reveal, rather than generalize, the link between healthy eating and exercise.

The study further found that the ability to delay rewards and self-control are important aspects of influencing a healthy lifestyle, which in turn has a positive impact on our well-being. The research also showed that men exercise more and women seem to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Professor Kamphamati, one of the study leaders, said: “There has been a greater shift towards healthy lifestyle choices in recent years. It is an important development to show that eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising more can improve happiness and health. It is a clear win-win situation. These findings will be useful for future environment and sustainability campaigns.”

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