In a bikini, Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones looks completely different

For many years, not many really knew the name Maisie Williams. They knew the name of Arya Stark, one of the main characters of the popular fantasy series game of thrones. Maisie is now 26 years old and continues to work on her career.

after game of thrones Maisie has played in many movies and TV shows. She may have had a prominent role in a Marvel movie New Mutants, as Rahne Sinclair. However, the movie was not a huge success.

Roles in serials and films
She has also appeared in movies like The Book of Love, Mary Shelley, iBoy And the owners. She also played quite a few other series, such as Doctor Who, two weeks to live And pistol.

On IMDb, we see that she will soon appear in the series new look. Take on the role of Catherine Dior.

Hit on Insta
We don’t often see Mays, who was born in Bristol, UK, on ​​Instagram, but now she shows up in a bikini. “26 today, I feel like a woman, I feel very much like my mother Q,” Maes said with the photo. Check it out via the link below.

Want to see 26-year-old Maisie Williams in a bikini? Look at the picture now here on her Instagram!

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