46% prefer buying Play Store credit with Google Play Points

Almost half of Androidworld readers prefer to buy Play Store credit using their Google Play Points. Google’s stamp system actually works quite well this way, because this option is already available on the Play Store.

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We were in the editorial office feeling a bit jealous of the fun Google A T-shirt you can buy in other countries with your Google Play Points, but it turns out we’re totally unique about that. Only 7 percent prefer buying Google Goods from Points. Google’s physical products are somewhat more popular: 14 percent want to spend most of their points on a Nest Mini, Chromecast, or Pixel Buds, for example. For an 8 percent discount on such physical Google products would suffice.

A large part of our readers just want to buy Play Store credit with it, so that they can buy and use new paid apps and games again. Points, which have been available in the Netherlands since 2021, are preferred by 9% of readers to spend on in-app or in-game items. 2 percent would like to receive a discount on these items. MartineNL, for one, is already preoccupied with her points: “I save the annual premium subscription for Telegram. 😌”

Google Play Points

7 percent say they would rather buy free apps and games from Play Store Points, while only 1 percent would like to earn affiliate rewards for them. There is also little enthusiasm for Google’s accessories. 2% would like to buy a Pixel case or charger. Pixel exclusive wallpapers? Nobody wants that. Finally, there are also many sympathetic people: 5 percent prefer to use points to donate to charity.

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Drunkorgel believes a bank account is a better target. “It would be nice if the balance could be paid into your bank account. The balance earned through Google Opinion Rewards is only usable for one year, after which it expires. Too bad it can’t be deposited into your bank account either. That way it stays a cigar out of its own box.” “. KeesjeNL also missed an option in the answers, because “Films” wasn’t listed.

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We are curious about which films KeesjeNL would like to buy with points. Although we don’t have time to search, we will generate a new AW poll. Until next week!

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