In The Alters you create an alternative self

Developer 11 Bit Studios has released the first trailer for The Alters, a title with a surprising approach to alternate realities. The game is scheduled to be released in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. The title will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass immediately on launch day.

In The Alters, main character Jan Dulski is stranded on a desolate planet. Escape is not possible, because his spacecraft must be piloted by a full crew. Jan is the only one left. While exploring the mysterious stranded planet, Jean discovers a strange substance called rapidium. By experimenting with raw materials with his quantum computer, Jean was able to manipulate choices from his past and thus create alternate versions of himself.

These new versions of Jan have different personalities and skills, making them essential for piloting and maintaining your ship. Of course they are not just robots, because each elves have their own consciousness, which can sometimes cause a conflict between two copies.

This results in an interesting concept, the principles of which you can see in the clip below.

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