SpaceX big win: the Starship rocket successfully landed for the first time (video)

After four high-altitude test flights – all ending in an explosion on landing – SpaceX was finally able to land a prototype of its Starship missile without collapsing. An important step for future missions of the moon and Mars.

Between December 2020 and March 2021, SpaceX made four attempts to launch prototypes of the Starship at high altitudes. Everything is over With an explosion, Shortly before or shortly after the landing time. On May 5, Elon Musk’s company finally managed to land the rocket flawlessly.

The SN15 prototype was launched, as usual, from the SpaceX launch pad in Boca Chica, Texas. The spacecraft was propelled by its three colossal engines, and when it reached its maximum altitude, two of the engines were turned off. The missile then flew about 6 miles before turning off its final engine. Then the missile is tilted to one side to begin its landing, almost horizontally. The engines were then restarted to successfully aim and land the vehicle.

A few flames blew off the landing pad, but were quickly extinguished with water cannons. Such a fire is “not uncommon” given the amount of fuel used in the end, SpaceX commentator John Innsbrucker reassured in the live video.

Elon Musk tweeted after landing, which means that “the maneuver passed without any problems.”

Reusable rocket

With Starship, SpaceX has ambitions high in the sky. Elon Musk was recently chosen by NASA to organize the United States’ return to the moon, scheduled for 2024. A tough decision for Jeff Bezos to understand: File a complaint. The Starship’s ultimate goal is to launch humans to Mars, where Elon Musk wishes to build a colony.

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The other great advantage of SpaceX It is that they want to make their missiles reusable. This is why Wednesday’s successful landing is a very big step forward.

Meanwhile, SpaceX has also started bundling Super Heavy, an enhancer for the Starship. The entire ship will be around 120 meters long and can carry 100 tons on board. The Super Heavy will be the first stage of the rocket, and is necessary to put the spacecraft into orbit, including the Moon and Mars.

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