Stop using grains of aggregate when paving roadsides. The health risks are too great ‘| Walwijk, Hösden and surrounding areas

VLIJMEN – Heusden should stop using grains of gravel as much as possible for paving edges, especially on lower roads. Alternatives are urgently needed to stop cyclists and pedestrians exposing harmful substances in grains of rubble. GroenLinks argues this.

The party has asked written questions about the use of rubble pellets. GroenLinks refers to the risk of particles flying off the ground as a result of transit traffic. Of course, if these particles contain quartz dust, they could be harmful to public health, according to the opposition party. “Long-term exposure to quartz dust can pose serious health risks,” said board member Frits Tin Kate. Quartz is found in sand and clay, but also in building materials such as brick, concrete, tiles, and various types of mortars.

lung diseases

To harden roadside, these materials are often ground into granules. Heusden also uses this roadside material. “With this reuse, we distribute quartz dust in a way that is irresponsible to humans and the environment,” Ten Cate says.

For example, the substance can penetrate deep into the lungs of cyclists and hikers who get active on cooler roads in a short time. This substance can stick to the alveoli. In the long term, this could lead to silicosis and lung cancer.

“Always make additional payments”

Ten Cate raises the alarm because it indicates that agricultural roads in the outer region are being expanded “through the constant addition of grains of aggregate”. According to Ten Cate, the width of the roads this creates means that cars travel faster and faster, which in turn creates an additional risk for pedestrians and cyclists.

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The consultant now asks if Heusden is aware of the dangers of fine particles / quartz dust and why the municipality is using grains of rubble for expansion. Ten Cate believes the use goes against a municipality’s responsibility for the health of its residents.

In Ten Cate’s eyes, there’s also an excellent alternative: using lawn tiles. “In addition to reducing particulate matter, this also results in a less significant effect on plants on the side of the road.” He wants Heusdense College to quickly come up with a proposal for alternatives to using aggregate grains so that cyclists and pedestrians are no longer at risk.

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