In the summer with another chance of heavy thunderstorms on Sunday

Thunderstorms will be moving across the country tonight and tomorrow. The temperature will be from 23 to 32 degrees on Friday. Saturday, it will be dry and less warm with a maximum of 20-25 degrees locally. On Sunday the weather will be a little warmer and it can reach 28 degrees locally. However, the chance of thunderstorms is significantly increased.

After this sunny and warm Thursday, some thunderstorms will pass over the country this evening and tonight. Friday morning thunderstorms will leave the country across the north and the sun will rise strongly. It heats up quickly and the temperature rises to 26 to 32 degrees. Temperatures in the sea will range between 23 and 26 degrees. In the afternoon, the chance of thunderstorms increases sharply again, and a lot of rain is possible locally in a short time. It can also fall hail and winds of up to 70 km / h.

The shower will move to the Northeast on Friday evening and it will be more fun on Saturday. The temperature rises to 23 to 26 degrees in most places. The sea temperature will be a maximum of 20 degrees, the day begins with low clouds, but gradually the clouds disappear and the sun rises strongly. It’s great weather to open the windows wide to let cool air in.

Thunderstorms on Sunday

Sunday will be a variable day with a few showers and thunderstorms in the morning. The shower will move to Holland after which it will dry temporarily with normal sunlight. In the afternoon, new showers will come from France with the possibility of thunderstorms. The temperature rises to 22 degrees at the sea and 27 degrees in Kempen.

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After the weekend it will still change with daily opportunity to shower. The sun also shines regularly and it becomes less and less warm. You can read the details Detailed weather forecast for Belgium.

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