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Not a single person going on vacation to the United States can do without a rental car, unless you are going on a city trip. However, giving way at equal intersections is much different than here. And there are some amazing traffic rules. Overview.

The United States is one of the most popular overseas vacation countries. Many Belgians book a city and national park tour, with or without a rental car or campervan. Traffic rules are similar to those in Europe, but there are very few exceptions. For example, turning right at a red traffic light is permitted, unless there is a sign expressly prohibiting it. You will then see a banner that says “Do not turn right on redWhile turning, you must of course take into account traffic from other directions, which are likely to have a green light and therefore have priority.

Overtake on the right

You can also overtake on the right in the United States. Most Americans follow the principle of “Keep your lane‘, which means that they do not turn right after overtaking, but stick to their lane. Trucks are also allowed to drive at 110 km/h, so don’t be alarmed if ten-ton trucks with often noisy engines overtake you.

In cities, you need to consider that you are stopping at the stop line if you see that you cannot cross the intersection with a green light without being stranded in the middle of the intersection. This is prohibited, because the traffic has to be able to keep flowing. You risk a $1,000 fine (more than €900) if you are caught doing so. In many American cities, at a traffic light intersection, there is a sign that reads “Fund withholding: $1,000 fine“.

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In the United States, at equal intersections, it is a matter of who is the first to stop at the respective intersection.

stop signs

Unlike Belgium, right-hand traffic does not have priority in the United States. Oddly enough, with equivalent intersections, it comes down to who stops first at the respective intersection. Whoever was there gets to drive first. If more or less two drivers stop simultaneously at such an intersection, the driver of the right lane must give way. If two oncoming drivers stop at the same time in such an intersection, the driver making the turn must give way to the driver driving straight ahead.

Americans always stop at stop signs, even if there is no one to be seen in the surrounding area. Better to do just that, because intersections with stop signs are a favorite place for American police officers.

An International Driving Permit is not required

You can also use car-sharing lanes in and around major cities. It is marked with diamonds above the road, just as it is in France and other countries. In many cases, you are actually allowed to use it if you are in a car with two people. It can save a lot of traffic jams and therefore time in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Nice bonus, by the way: You don’t need an international driver’s license to drive in the US during your vacation. You will find a useful overview of all traffic rules in America here.

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