Putin signs a law formally suspending the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty | outside

look. Putin: Russia suspends the US nuclear disarmament treaty

In his state of the country address last week, Putin had already announced the suspension, though he also stressed it was not a withdrawal. He warned earlier that ending the agreement could lead to a new nuclear arms race. For the time being, Russia will continue to abide by the agreed maximum limits on nuclear weapons.

look. Putin declares that Russia will strengthen its nuclear weapons arsenal

In a video message shortly afterwards, Putin announced that Russia plans to bolster its nuclear arsenal. “At the moment, our fighters are heroically fighting against the neo-Nazism that has emerged in Ukraine,” said the head of state. It was said that for this reason, the Russian army should have more advanced weaponry at its disposal. “We will pay more attention to strengthening the nuclear arsenal.”

New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) is the last remaining nuclear weapons treaty between Russia and the United States. It was extended for five years in 2021. It was originally signed in 2010 and limits both countries to 1,550 operational warheads, a lower number than was contained in the original START 1 treaty, which dates back to 2002. Consultations on the matter have already been suspended. Treaty implementation in 2021.

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