“Russian warship ignites due to Ukrainian missiles, ships and helicopters must rescue 180 crew members”

The Russian warship, Admiral Makarov, caught fire after being fired by a Ukrainian missile. At least that’s what the Ukrainian authorities say. Russian ships and helicopters will have to rescue 180 crew members.


Admiral Makarov was said to have been near Snek Island, in the Black Sea south of the Ukrainian city of Odessa, on Thursday when he was hit by a Ukrainian Neptune missile. The ship could have caught fire.

Anton Gerichenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, said several other Russian warships had been sent to the ship from nearby Crimea as part of a rescue operation. According to Ukrainian Dumskaya Helicopters will also be deployed to rescue the ship’s 180 crew members. The Russian Defense Ministry has yet to respond to the reports.

Dogs of the Black Sea Fleet

Admiral Makarov is one of three Russian frigates in the Black Sea used to launch missiles on the Ukrainian mainland. If the ship sank, this will be another blow to the Russian Black Sea Fleet after the previous loss of the main ship Moskva. According to the British Ministry of Defense, it will consist of only 20 ships. Nor can Russia send new warships to the Black Sea, because Turkey has closed the Bosphorus to warships on the basis of international treaties.

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