The United States is investigating Sony’s acquisition of the game company Bungie

Information, a tech site often with scoops, reports today that it relies on Anonymous concerned† The chance of the FTC stopping the deal is small, according to the information, but it will likely be delayed by about six months.

The acquisition was announced in January of this year. Sony is ready to pay $3.6 billion (€3.4 billion) to the company, which has grown with Destiny Games.

Destiny 2 is an online service game, which will be maintained for years after its launch with additions and small purchases. PlayStation, the subsidiary of Sony Games, is hoping to make more of this service’s games thanks to this acquisition. The company is currently best known for its short “ultimate” single player trials.

Concerns about acquisitions

The FTC is said to be concerned that Sony may want to link future games from Bungie exclusively to PlayStation. However, Bungie indicated at the time of the acquisition that it would continue to do its own thing.

In recent years, technology acquisitions have been increasingly scrutinized to prevent tech companies from turning into powerful giants. This seems to be happening now in the gaming sector as well. The sector has seen a significant increase in the number of acquisitions since 2021, with more than €60 billion Microsoft wants to deposit to game publisher Activision Blizzard as a temporary high point. This deal is now with the FTC.

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