Microsoft puts Bing Chat AI in the Windows 11 taskbar with feature update

Microsoft somewhat surprisingly started rolling out a new feature update for Windows 11, bringing Bing Chat to the taskbar without any prior testing of the inside.

Microsoft has pushed Bing into the spotlight by incorporating an AI chatbot that can respond to queries and lead conversations. This led to useful results during the preview, but also somewhat annoying conversations. Redmond now believes that he has solved the AI ​​chatbot problems with his search engine and is readying a GPT-3 based chatbot for the general public.

After all, software farms Bing brings AI to the search bar in Windows 11. And that’s amazing, because Microsoft hasn’t tested this functionality in Windows with Windows Insiders. In the AI ​​race, the company clearly plans not to give up on the accelerator, even if it’s hard to say whether Bing Chat is really ready for the general public.

Note that while the update is coming to Windows 11, you will need to access Bing Preview for chats from the taskbar. This preview is not available to everyone and access is used by Microsoft as a marketing tool.

Other updates

With the Windows 11 upgrade, Microsoft is introducing some other novelties, like Widgets from Spotify and an improved taskbar for tablets. You can also make a video screen recording without external software via cutting tool. Notepad users will regain access to the long-awaited tab feature, and iPhone users will be able to use Phone Link in Preview.

Microsoft tinker for techs fast helps. This option gets a little simpler but also more powerful. This way you can control faster, but you can also use a digital laser pointer to make it clear to granny from a distance that she shouldn’t click next time.

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Windows 11 update is available for compatible devices when you manually check for new updates. Those who don’t, can wait and see. In principle, the new functionality will come to your computer within the next month.

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