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Also this week, many great data were reviewed. Overview for those who missed the highlights.

“Look at what we’ve already done. We’ve already moved away from coal. Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, who closed many of the country’s coal mines, we’ve already had a head start and now we’re moving away from coal at an accelerated pace.”

Suggestion story. // Suggestion tweet: At 3.30 a.m., it’s time. The alarm is set. Good luck in the Red Lions semi-finals! “

“I was afraid to approach women. So I thought, if I go to a band, they will come to me.”

“Borat but in the opposite direction”

‘Why do we hate her like this? We’ve got a whole bunch on our heads and we think that’s cool.”

“We have a bouquet of flowers for you, but you are more beautiful than those flowers.”

“I have brought a bouquet of flowers and also an invitation to the county government, where we will take care of you again.”

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