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With a start and finish at the Chiropractie Waregem on Gentseweg 673, rounds will take place back on Sunday 22 October. It’s public health information tours. The distance is four kilometers each time.

Mette Decafel and Paul Dunford run a well-known and acclaimed chiropractic clinic in Wargem’s smallest sub-municipality of Sint-Eloise-Vegve. They trained together as chiropractors at AECC in Bournemouth, England. They live in Beveren-Leie and have three children: Mats, Pippa and Tilly. The chiropractic team also consists of Louise Tijtgat, Dan Lagro and Birgit Desoninck.

Also young families

“Walking Back is a very informative tour of health,” Mitt explains. “During the tours, the source of back problems is explained further. We want to focus on general health and prevention of complaints. It is also recommended that you participate in this as a young family, because we also delve into development and developmental disorders and what we can do to stimulate our children.

“The vision of the practice is primarily to provide as much information as possible and ensure active recovery. This is how the idea of ​​the walk also came about. How can we effectively strengthen the back muscles and prevent back problems? What are the important elements in encouraging our children to develop their brains optimally? What are The best exercises to strengthen the entire body What is the best fuel for our mind How can we prevent falls later in life?

Backwards walks take place at different walking times, which you can sign up for. Promotional videos can be viewed on Waregem Chiropractic’s social media.

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