Balen is investing heavily in the expansion of the Bleukens Sports Complex

Spatial planning

September 7, 2023 15:10

The Municipality of Balin is investing heavily in the Blokkens Sports Complex. This is expanded by two units for inclusive sports, a separate room for martial arts, a multifunctional room and bathrooms for people with disabilities and outdoor athletes, among others. The skate park outside is also being renovated.

Military arts

The number of martial arts clubs at Blockins Sports Complex has increased significantly since its opening in 2002, resulting in insufficient hours for the multi-purpose hall and schools. By giving martial arts a separate space, equipped with tatami mats and materials necessary for martial arts, Bleukens can present itself in the future as a local attraction for these sports.

The existing multi-purpose halls can then be fully utilized by associations wishing to present different types of dance. Expansion with two comprehensive sports modules provides options for ball sports, badminton, G sports and new sports disciplines.

Showers and skate park

The new accommodation also includes additional bathrooms and sanitary facilities, including those adapted to suit the needs of people with disabilities and an externally accessible shower for runners and other outdoor athletes.

The skate park is also treated, so that the space can be better divided according to age and technical knowledge. This was at the request of the skaters themselves, who get an additional challenge.

Works will begin at the beginning of October and should normally be completed by the new sports season. The new hall can then be used in August 2024.

Photo: Balin Municipality

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