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After the first race in Brazil, the Mountain Bike World Cup will take place in Europe with Albstadt (Germany) this weekend and Nove Mesto (Czech Republic) the following week. As national coach of the Belgian national team, Philippe Merhaghi has had a ‘newcomer’ under him: Elie Esserbet. He wants a taste of mountain biking this summer. “The maximum that he wants is to try this.”

There are no beams, sand and mud for a while, but stones, logs, and boulders for the ultimate cyclocross world cup winner. The question to try on a mountain bike came from Iserbyt itself? “Yes,” Miragh says.

So Isrbet took the lead, after which several conversations with the national coach followed last winter. “About how it works, about performance and what he has to do if he wants to achieve something.”

“At the same time, I don’t want us to pressure him as a national team, I told him. I think that’s the maximum you want to try this now, let’s see where you end up.” Much, if not all, depends on what he wishes to Introduce it, and he knows it.

“Paris in mind?”

It’s of course not new, the ferret who opts to ride a mountain bike in the summer. Iserbyt also isn’t the only Albstadt attendee, with Daan Soete and Alicia Franck among the women.

Is it more than bridging the gap between two cyclocross seasons for Iserbet? Can Miragh estimate his ambition?

We haven’t talked about this ambition yet. But I think he thinks of Paris (2024 Games) somewhere in the back of his mind – or rather, I hope so. But I don’t want to speak on his behalf and certainly not put that pressure on him. Let’s see how it goes first.”

Iserbyt is already getting a taste of the discipline this spring with competitions in Turkey and France. “Of course, we shouldn’t ask ourselves questions about the engine: this engine is there, it has speed and power, but now it has to evolve into longer competitions.”

“I also hope he has the strength to not stop after a couple of games. You don’t suddenly become a mountain biker, it’s a road you have to travel.”

He has speed and power, but now he has to grow into longer races.

Philip Mirhaghi for Elie Esserbit

Eli Eserbet is training to become a mountain biker.

need to eat

Mirage thinks it’s best to forget about the Iserbite Ring Riders altogether. “It’s completely different sports. Crossing, that’s riding in the meadow and jumping over beams, maybe also a sandbox. I don’t mean that in a pejorative way. But a mountain bike is rocks, stones, and tree roots. This is so steep and so steep. You can’t compare it.”

Is boldness a factor too? “To learn yes, or rather: fear is an important factor that can hinder learning. Eli certainly has that courage. And it aligns very well, for example, with the promise of Clément Horn, who can teach him a lot in terms of technique.”

Miraghi adds that the two have a lot of fun together. So Iserbyt is well integrated into the group. “It was definitely not like: ‘That trans, he’s drawing his plan.’ And the extra attention that a famous name like Iserbyt gives our sport is great. Because we need a flow.”

Best Belgian performance in years

More attention, at the same time other Belgian mountain bikers should not be put in the shadows.

For example, Jens Schuurmans and Pierre de Freudmont also began in the elite, Lukas Maliziewski and Emeline Deteluxe also began to make promises. They ride for an (international) team and are not part of the Mirage selection.

Pierre de Freudmont has already made himself notable as he placed a solid sixth in the first round of the World Cup in Petropolis, Brazil. “By the way, he was fourth for a long time! It was the best Belgian performance in over ten years, I think,” excited Miraghi.

De Froidmont is 25 years old and resides in Liège, so what can Meirhaeghe say about him?

“He is a boy who takes incremental steps and at the same time keeps growing constantly. He is very serious about his profession, he has made a schedule and also gives himself time. He also gets that time to grow from his parents, quiet people.”

“Last winter he took a step towards a bigger international team, and it looks like he’s: sixth in the World Cup! He even breaks through, I Hopefully he can confirm but he’s 25 so he still has plenty of time.”

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Jens Schuermans also reached the top ten at the World Cup several times – in 2019 he took seventh place in Les Gets.

“In Brazil he didn’t get into the top 30 and he had no explanation for it. But last week he finished second in the Coupe de France, not in the World Cup but also at a high level. Hopefully this has given him a boost to Albstadt.”

Promis Lukas Maliziewski, European junior champion three years ago, had a few years less, but according to Mirhaghi, he is feeling better again. “And he’s still very young, give him some time.”

We come to the women, including 39-year-old Geetha Michael. “But Emeline Detilleux, a first-year professional, also joined an international team last winter. If she continues to grow, just like young Julia Gregoire, we will have three women at a high level and maybe more interest and flow will come.”

Jens Schurmans.

Olympic Champion Bidcock

Finally, Miraga talks about foreign hats. Even if Mathieu van der Poel is wondering if he’s going to get his mountain bike out of the stable this summer. “Too bad. If not, we can use attention. But when you see what he’s driving, you have to give priority.”

“Was Tokyo an end point for him or does he still want to become an Olympic champion? No idea. But someone like him could also skip a season and rebuild again next year to Paris.”

Tom Bidcock driving in Albstadt and Nove Mesto – according to coach Kurt Bogaerts, the primary goal is to collect UCI points with a World Cup goal and a good starting place there. “For me he is just one of the best players. But what he did in Tokyo is great, and I have a lot of respect for him.”

With the men you should of course mention the world champion Nino Schurter. He started with a victory in Petropolis (“After a quick race!”), which is good for his 33rd World Cup win and equaling the record-breaking score of Julian Absalon.

“Include expected names like Flückiger, Koretzky, French Marotte, Carod, …. the top is very wide. Among the women, I am very impressed with Luana Lecomte, she can become a huge dose.”

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