Instagram again copies others: can it do something by itself?

The social medium Instagram has undergone a major transformation in recent years. Transmission doesn’t come quite substantially: it copies and copies. First, the popular Snapchat was widely copied, but now it’s TikTok’s turn. Instagram returns after TikTok-inspired Reels with a stretch copy work in the form of pins.

Install on Instagram

Pinning looks like Pinterest, but it pins a post just like pinning it to TikTok. With this, you can put a video that works really well, or that you really love yourself, at the top and it stays there. Normally Instagram will always display your regular timeline posts in chronological order on your profile, but by pinning, you can choose to display the posts first on your profile.

It differs, for example, from Highlights, in which you can only submit your Instagram Stories in the form of a story, which appears as a dot at the bottom of your bio. However, if you want to highlight a regular post, there is no option for that yet. Now it is, because Instagram has once again stolen something from another medium. TikTok, as well as Twitter, for example, gives you the option to put a post on top for some time. Useful for photos and videos you want to get quickly, but especially useful if you want to quickly show your identity when someone visits your profile.

copy behavior

While it’s certainly a welcome change to the platform and you can’t simply prevent copies (after all, it happens everywhere), it’s a shame Instagram doesn’t often choose to brainstorm itself. Almost all of the options announced recently come from another social medium. There are new and small things, like the ability to feature makeup artists and photographers in your photo, but the big new possibilities definitely don’t come from Instagram.

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In principle, all this copying is nothing new, but it is especially noticeable with Insta because it has just changed its entire DNA. It started in 2010 as an application that allows you to share photos. It was revolutionary. Although you can also share photos on other social media, Instagram puts photos in the spotlight instead of text. The way it works and the look of the app, including the gesture with the Polaroid camera, has really given Instagram a face of its own.

lost face

this face Instagram It’s not completely lost in principle: you can still use the app as you did in 2010 or 2011. However, so much has been added that it’s now snowy underneath. The social medium has become more extensive. It often seems that people are browsing through Stories on the platform rather than scrolling through the timeline images. The focus has also shifted to video content, which was certainly not a bad choice by the platform. The whole world is more focused on video. However, it is unfortunate that such video content is rarely original. Whether it’s crazy filters or, say, the fairly recently introduced Reels, Instagram didn’t come up with it itself.

He is successful in transcribing, we must give that to The Gram. So it’s no surprise that this always happens. Copying is only starting to take over in a massive way, making it more and more noticeable that Instagram itself actually comes with a bit of innovation. He also does not dare to experiment much, so Instagram began to follow the audience a little. This is not very noticeable, because the common people still frequent the social medium, but he must be careful not to be delayed by imitation too much. Moreover, we are also hungry for new possibilities that come from our own source. Instagram has been a revolution in social media, but there’s no reason why it can’t revolutionize it now, as long as it comes up with its own good and original plans.

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