Instagram gets the feature of filtering dangerous language in personal messages | Now

The social media site Instagram gets a function to prevent users from seeing false news. This is done by filtering out hurtful words, phrases and emojis, he writes Instagram Wednesday in a blog post. The parent company Facebook confirms to that this activity will also be launched in the Netherlands in the coming months.

You can enable or disable the filter in privacy settings. Additionally, users can indicate which words, phrases or emojis they want to avoid. Personal messages with blocked words end up in a separate folder where users can decide whether or not they want to open the message.

Instagram also offers the option to block private messages after a blocked user’s account has been blocked.

The platform says features should be very difficult for those who are blocked. There are also times when they try to contact the person who stopped them again. For example, they do this by creating new accounts to avoid blocking.

The filter feature will be released in the coming weeks in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Blocking personal messages from blocked people will be available globally over the same period.

Correction, April 21, 11:55 am: In addition to the filter function, it appears that there may be an opportunity to block private messages from blocked accounts. This is included in the article.

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