Microsoft may soon come with ‘Cloud PC’ service

According to ZDNet technology website, Microsoft will soon launch a desktop virtualization service based on Azure “Cloud PC”. This cloud service allows users to remotely use their PC or laptop as a thin client for a virtual Windows desktop environment. Moreover, Microsoft Store will be fixed.

to me Technology site article Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on a cloud project to provide customers, like consumers, a virtual Windows desktop experience. This also gives customers access to related apps. Late last year we wrote About this already. With Cloud PC, users are productive anywhere, anytime and can use any device. With Cloud PC, they get an always-up-to-date Windows experience.

Other “Cloud PC” deployments

This suggestion can also be attractive to business clients. By taking the Windows experience from the cloud, they can easily deliver cloud-based computers. They can then also manage all physical and virtual devices from one centralized environment.

In addition, the tech giant may use “Cloud PC” to enable Win32 applications on devices that have a Windows 10X version of their operating system. Windows 10X, which has yet to be launched, should compete with Chrome OS and does not support Win32 applications at launch.

Launch and costs

The Cloud PC is scheduled to be launched at the end of June or July of this year. Rather than relying the costs of this service on using Azure, there will likely be a standard model for each user. That way, the Cloud PC actually becomes a Microsoft 360 managed service, according to the technology website. The subscription model will also be possible in three variants based on processors, RAM and storage.

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Changes to Microsoft Store

In addition to the arrival of Cloud PC, there also appears to be major changes to the Microsoft Store in Windows 10. A revised App Store should be introduced with the major UX OS update planned this fall. Teams and Visual Studio, among others, should be downloadable from the Microsoft Store. This is not currently possible for these applications.

The apps should also still be available outside of the official Microsoft Store, but it should be clear that they are Microsoft certified. According to ZDNet, the giant tech developers will now also work on the process. However, Windows Store for Business and Windows Store for Education are now dismantled.

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