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Zoom is very popular these days, but video calling isn’t sweet for everyone. In this week’s video, we’re helping Zoom users start with helpful advice.

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Video Zoom: Tips for Beginner Zoom Users

We’ll start with the basics, of course: Download and install Zoom. Once your profile becomes like home and your classmates or students can get to know you, it’s time to create a Zoom meeting or join someone else’s digital meeting. It is shown in the video below I calledEditor Michel sees how it works.

However, zoom is much more than video conferencing. For example, you can set a different background to make online meetings more fun. If the situation is correct, you can also use filters from other apps, such as Snapchat, in the video calling app. This animation is not professional but it is fun.

It’s also great that you can record Zoom meetings. For example, this option is ideal for students who can listen to their lecture later. Want to record an important meeting? Then you can also save the audio only.

Do you have questions about Zoom? Leave a comment below the YouTube video or our website and who knows, we or some other viewer might have the answer.

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