HERNE / BEVER – The Koornmolen Vaccination Center is gradually reaching cruising speed

HERNE / BEVER – The Koornmolen Vaccine Center is gradually reaching cruising speed – © Deschuyffeleer

The influx of much-needed vaccination in the fight against the Coronavirus appears to have finally begun. And in Pajottenland Primary Care, Gooik’s Koornmolen vaccination center also plays an important role for residents of Herne and Bever. Where in recent days a lot of suspicion has arisen from various sides, it now appears from Flanders that they have succeeded in simplifying the procedure.

Emphasized the utmost necessity

Next Monday, March 15th, vaccinations for those born in the period 1925-1932 will begin. People born in the period 1933-1937 will also receive their invitation with the predetermined date for their vaccination starting Monday, March 15th. However, in order not to miss doses, it is crucial that the people invited inform themselves or through a confidential counselor that they can present themselves at the appointment. And confirm it Or letting them know that they cannot be present on the preset date. In the latter case, another appointment may be arranged or, in the case of absolute impossibility, for severely dependent persons due to, among other things, a palliative, permanent bedridden or severe dementia situation, an alternative arrangement for a post-vaccination home may be made by a general or long-term practitioner. By mobile phone vaccination center. The invitations contain the necessary instructions for this. This solution can only be provided In urgent need. Patients with mobility problems and wheelchair users are not eligible. The vaccination center is equipped for this purpose. Incidentally, it may also be due to the circumstances in which the invited people were already vaccinated and therefore they no longer have to present themselves.

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The role of GPs is now clear

“For general practitioners in particular, it was still a matter of time to know what role they would have in vaccinations. Clarity was now also established on this topic. Given the estimated time for home insemination by the general practitioner, which can be calculated in half an hour, including The duration of stay necessary to monitor any reactions, a maximum of 20 patients per GP have been identified. GPs will get the necessary information on this today, “says Karina Ricoeur, a member of the Hernes Health Council.

It was indeed the case that in recent days there has been a lot of uncertainty about the GP’s role in the vaccination campaign. To eliminate this lack of clarity, clear guidelines were agreed from Flanders yesterday afternoon, and a webinar has also been provided.


Residents who do not arrive there due to severe dependence on care such as sedatives / permanently bedridden / severe dementia … should inform the center and their doctor themselves or through a third party. In this exceptional case, the patient / family member must cancel their appointment at the vaccination center by phone or electronically (these instructions are included in the letter they received)

The general practitioner decides whether to administer the injection himself or prefer the injection to be performed by a mobile center.

The mobile vaccination center has not yet been operationalized but will be launched in May.

General practitioners of the Pajottenland family of this are notified in writing today by ELZ Pajottenland.

“In order not to waste vaccines despite all the measures, the primary care district has drawn up a back-up list of target groups working in primary care in consultation with local authorities,” says Cindy Dourio, a member of a local council of health at Bever. “It should also be borne in mind that some appointments may deviate depending on where the GP and the patient’s residence. In general, the agreements concluded in Flanders should be the same everywhere, but each Primary Care District and its vaccination centers can apply some differences. Organizational operations in their day-to-day operations. “

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Hern municipality and Bever authorities have already taken measures to ensure transportation to the Koornmolen vaccination center in Gooik for people who do not have available or less mobile transportation. OCMW services in both municipalities can be contacted for this.

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March 12, 2021

Godelieve Deschuyffeleer

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