Intel comes with a new Optane SSD in Ruler format

Intel revealed the first details of its upcoming P5801X SSD. This is a modified version of the current P5800X, but a slightly faster E1.S. Additionally, the company comes in the same shape with the D7-P5510.

The P5801X was revealed during an Intel presentation at the Open Compute Project. However, the official details about the SSD were not disclosed Blocks and files Knows how to shorten an SSD. For example, it will build on the current P5800X SSD, but modified to fit the E1.S format, unlike the P5800X’s U.2 format. E1.S is also known as a short ruler or gum stick. The last name is often used for M.2 hard drives.

The fastest SSD in the world

The SSD comes with a capacity of 400 and 800 GB and is the fastest SSD in the world according to Intel. Unlike its U.2 sibling, the P5801X does not have 1.6 and 3.2 TB variants, presumably due to a lack of space on the smaller form factor. However, iOPS performance has improved slightly, as have read and write speeds.


Since the P5801X is the E1.S analogue of the P5800X, the D7-P5520 is the D7-P5510 analog. More details are not known about the D7-P5520 model number and form factor, but the specifications are likely to be comparable to the current U.2 SSD. D7-P5510 is a 2.5 ″ SSD with a PCIe 4.0 interface and 144 layers of 3D stacked tlc memory. It also achieves 930,000 and 190,000 iops read and write respectively, and 7 and 4.2 GB / s respectively.

The official announcement is yet to come

More details about the new SSDs won’t be available until Intel makes the official announcement. The first samples of SSDs are known to be still expected this year. With the P5801X, that’s in the third quarter, to be more precise.

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From E1.L to E1.S

Intel has the ruler format for server SSDs Announced in 2017. The format is designed to easily accommodate SSDs in a 1U bay. The form factor is available in various flavors. E1.L is a large format entered deep into the server, while E1.S is roughly the same length and width, but not nearly the same depth.

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