The successful United Kingdom vaccination campaign is attracting international students

The United Kingdom (UK) is popular with international students. A poll conducted by QS, a site that ranks universities, shows that a successful vaccination campaign is one of the main reasons students turn to British universities.

47% of respondents during the survey, which included 105,083 students, pointed out that they prefer a British university because of the number of vaccines in the UK. This makes the UK more popular than the US (USA), Canada, Australia and Germany.

Attractive target for students

“The UK appears to be the most attractive and realistic place for students to start their studies in September compared to some other countries for the effectiveness and speed of vaccines,” the report said.

Despite interest in studying in the UK, 45 per cent of students surveyed say the UK approach to the health crisis has not always been effective. Respondents believe the epidemic was best handled in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Germany. In the report, the researchers speculated that this was due to international reports of a high number of deaths in the UK.

Listening to students

U.K. High.

Fifty-eight per cent believe that the UK has been more hospitable to international students due to the re-introduction of work visas for those who have completed their studies. This is a strong turning point as the UK’s migration policy has been viewed as hostile to foreign students for many years. However, the UK has seen less hospitality as European students will have to pay higher international tuition fees from September as a result of Brexit. (Mah)

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