Russian opposition leader Navalny appears to be emaciated at trial after a hunger strike

Navalny was arrested earlier this year and is serving a 2.5-year sentence in a prison located 100 km east of the Russian capital, Moscow. He was found guilty of violating the terms of his probation after a previous conviction. According to Navalny, they were politically motivated.

He has now appeared in court to challenge the defamation fine of her 94-year-old veteran of World War II. He described the man and some other people who appeared in the pro-Kremlin video as “traitors” and “people without conscience”.


The leader of the opposition was seated, according to the British Channel correspondent Sky News With arms folded. He wore dark glasses and appeared visibly weak and emaciated. His hair was very short. Navalny’s wife was also present at the trial and it was the first time she had seen her husband since his hunger strike.

Navalny on an archive photo.AFP photo

Navalny began doing this in prison on March 31. He did so in protest against his doctors being prevented from visiting him after he suffered severe pain in his back and legs. On April 23, he announced that he would slowly end his hunger strike after receiving medical assistance.

Meanwhile, Navalny’s team announced that it would shut down its network of regional campaign rooms across the country. This happened before a hearing to determine whether there would be a trial on the accusation that the main pillars of Navalny’s political organization were extremist. This could lead to employees being imprisoned and their bank accounts frozen. The team of the opposition leader confirms that it “does not give up” its battle.

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