Will the UK return to the EU if the British economy really collapses? ‘Possible if Truss Voted’

The British pound has collapsed like plum pudding. Looks like Liz Truss doesn’t have an answer for that anytime soon. The Truss wants to fix the economy with tax cuts, but only the rich benefit.

The UK is already dealing with sky-high inflation and a falling pound. Added to this are new Prime Minister Liz Truss’ recent economic plans.

Truss didn’t get off to a good start

Correspondent Leah van Begoven says the average Briton is grumpy. The historic tax cuts of no less than 45 billion euros are drawing heavy criticism. “That amount is unaccounted for,” says van Begoven. So I don’t know how to get that money back.

The richest 5 percent of the population will benefit from this new scheme, says van Begoven. The rich are now getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The rich mainly have their hands in their wallets, says columnist and former reporter Peter De Waart. “They only spend it on stocks.”

Plan from the 80s

So the Truss wants to save the economy with tax cuts. “She’s moving away from the idea that the economy should be distributed as fairly as possible. Truss worries that the benefits that the rich get, that 5 percent, trickle down too slowly to the rest of the country,” Vaughn says. Beckowen. “It’s been a program since the 1980s and it hasn’t been investigated whether it’s actually going down.”

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Yesterday, the Bank of England decided to ‘temporarily’ buy British government bonds to reduce skyrocketing interest rates. This has put the new government in further trouble.

Charles on the banknote

“I predict: if the portrait of King Charles III appears on the banknote, the pound will not be worth a dollar or a euro,” says former reporter De Waart.

“When Elizabeth was crowned, Great Britain still ruled the tide and the pound was 12 pence 20 shillings. In the Netherlands, a pound sterling cost more than 10 guilders. In America, a pound cost $2.80.”


In the United Kingdom itself, people will certainly notice the crisis. Although the crisis in the Netherlands is less felt than before because of Brexit, De Waart thinks we will notice something. “Dutch products are becoming more expensive in Great Britain. For example, a lot of vegetables come from the Netherlands,” says De Waart.

“If I were to speculate, my prediction is that if Truss continues to cause this kind of chaos and is voted in, his successor might want to rejoin the EU. They wanted membership too when it went wrong in the 1970s,” he says. D Ward. “I hope that Ursula van der Leyen and Franz Timmermans will make it clear to the British that they should join the queue after Turkey, Moldova and Ukraine.”

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