The Dutch often watch Game of Thrones illegally

There are plenty of options to watch series legally, but the Dutch still know how to find illegal sources. Within three days, the first episode of Game of Thrones had been downloaded more than 1.8 million times in the Netherlands and watched on illegal streams.

11 percent

That reports Strange torrents Based on research conducted by hacking watchdog MUSO. Of all the countries studied, the series was watched illegally in the Netherlands most often. If we assume that everyone watched the episode illegally just once, then up to 11% of all Dutch people (including the elderly and children) watched the episode illegally.

This is much higher than in the United States, for example, where the figure is less than 5 percent. The United Kingdom comes closest to the Netherlands, at just under 10 percent.

90 million views

The episode has been watched illegally at least 90 million times worldwide. The series has been watched more than 16 million times on legal channels. The majority of the illegal views, nearly 80 million, were via illegal streaming services, which have become vastly more popular in recent years. Only 8 million views were downloaded via torrent files like the ones you can download from the Pirate Bay.

HBO, the maker of Game of Thrones, has recently been trying to combat illegal sources. You have hired a company that monitors software downloads and sends a warning to users.

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