Locked Scotland: Everything you need to know about the latest restrictions

From January 5 Scotland will be placed in full lockdown.

Nicola Sturgeon is one of the MSPs Emergency report Strict new rules were needed today to prevent the NHS in Holyroot Has become more By the number of Govit-19 patients.

The Chief Minister It was reported last month that almost half of all virus cases in Scotland were linked to a new strain that was first detected, which could spread quickly.

So what do the new restrictions mean?

Stay at home

Until January 5, a new “home stay” message will become a legal requirement in every major congregation area of ​​Scotland.

If you do not leave for many essential reasons you will be at home – exercising, going to the shops, going to work (if you can not work from home), fulfilling or creating caring responsibilities for others is an extended part of the home.

Regarding work, the first minister said: “Anyone who can work from home should do so. If you can not do that work from home, leaving your home to go to work is a reasonable excuse.”

Meeting others outside

From January 5, the Scots will have to limit their meetings to someone else outside. That means only two people from two homes can meet in a park or garden, or exercise while maintaining social distance.

The number limit does not apply to children 11 years of age or older.

There is no limit to how many times you are allowed to exercise each day.

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Sturgeon told MSPs: “Unlike the lockdown last year, the frequency of outdoor exercise was not limited.

“For physical and mental health it is important that we go outside for fresh air and exercise as much as possible.”

Schools remain closed

Classrooms were to reopen to all students until Monday, January 18th. That will not happen again.

Instead, the majority of students must stay home until at least February 1st.

But children of key staff can still attend school in person. All other students will switch to distance learning throughout January.

The situation will be reviewed in two weeks – but Nicola Sturgeon has not ruled out a reopening date.

Businesses need to review operations

The manufacturing and construction sectors are currently open – but the situation will be reviewed.

The first employer should reconsider all employers ’actions and send employees to work from home as much as possible.

He said: “The law should already close many businesses in Level 4 in certain sectors.

“Now every business needs to revisit their operations and make sure that every activity that can be done by people working from home is done that way.

“Businesses have already shown tremendous potential to adapt during these epidemics – and we need to reconsider their actions as we all work together to reduce the spread.”

The border between Scotland and England is closed except for essential trips

Travel restrictions are in effect

The border between Scotland and England is closed to all, meaning it prevents travelers from traveling for essential purposes such as work or caring responsibilities.

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Scots should not travel between congregation areas for such an essential reason as work.

Weddings and funerals

The First Minister said that all places of worship should close their doors this week except for weddings and funerals.

“We consider it necessary to close the places of worship during this period for all purposes except broadcasting a service, or conducting a funeral or wedding,” he said.

“I am well aware of how important racist worship is to people.

“But we believe this regulation is necessary to reduce the risk of contagion.”

“Up to 20 people can attend the funeral. Awakening is not possible in January. A maximum of 5 people can attend the wedding and civil partnership services.”

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