“Investing in debt relief is investing in health”

In February 2015 I started working as an editor at Skipr. At the time, Zorgvisie was still the main competitor. Since 2019, we’ve been producing these two titles and Qruxx, our platform around value-based care, with one editor. I continue to write with great interest about Dutch healthcare regulation, from real estate and financing to the interests of patients and healthcare staff. In addition, I am now the Deputy Editor-in-Chief. I am proud to play a pivotal role in the well-oiled machine that our editorial team represents.

Health care cannot solve money problems. However, people end up in healthcare due to financial problems. As the cost of living rises, there will be more. It’s time for a firm approach from the government, says the Council on Public Health and Society (RVS) in advice From debt to clean slate
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In 2019, about 2.8


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