iOS 14.7 causes one problem for Apple Watch users

do you own iOS 14.7 Downloaded and your Apple Watch no longer unlocks at the same time as your iPhone? you’re not the only one. Apple acknowledges that the latest iPhone update is causing a problem.

Read on after the announcement.

Apple Watch glitch in iOS 14.7

iOS 14.7 was released yesterday. The iPhone update adds many new features, but it also causes necessary issues. Apple Watch wearers in particular are coming home from a cold fair.

iOS 14.7 can prevent the watch from unlocking automatically when you use your iPhone. Usually this is the case. Once your iPhone recognizes you, your Apple Watch will also be locked.

The problem only affects iPhones with Touch ID. This fingerprint scanner is on iPhone 8And the iPhone 8 Plus On iPhone SE. iPhones with Face ID (face recognition) do not seem to have these problems.

Apple writes on its website that it is fixing iOS 14.7 error. In the meantime, the solution is obvious: Enter your Apple Watch code on the watch itself.

You only need to do this once (as long as the watch is on your wrist). If you forgot the code, guess Apple to reset your watch. You can read exactly how this works in the explainer article below.

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More about iOS 14.7

iOS 14.7 is a relatively small but useful update for the iPhone. The new version improves the Weather app among other things. From now on, you can check the air quality in (inland) Dutch cities on your iPhone.

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From now on, it is also possible to set several timers on the HomePod (small): useful for cooking, for example. In our overview about iOS 14.7 . Features We will be discussing all the improvements, so read this article if you are interested.

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