iOS 15.4 RC Developers Out! This is new.

The latest iOS 15.4 RC software is available to developers today. This means it will be out for everyone next week. Find out why it’s worth it in this article.

iOS 15.4: What’s new?

Because iOS 15.4 RC according to 9to5Mac Out for developers, we now also know when it comes to your iPhone. Why should you soon download iOS 15.4 on your iPhone? In addition to the improved security, a lot of cool new features have been added. For example, you will soon be able to use your iPhone with files Face ID Unlock while wearing a face mask! Previously, this caused a lot of frustration, for example, in the supermarket or on the train. This feature may have come a little too late, but for the hyper-wary among us, it’s still useful!

With this new method of Face ID, your iPhone no longer does a full scan of your head, but rather focuses on the eyes to give the user access. Unfortunately, the feature is limited to iPhone 12 (Pro) and newer. we’ve got Also slight doubts With this new post.

Other new features in iOS 15.4

In addition, there are many new features! Check the list below to see if there is anything that makes installing iOS 15.4 useful for you.

  • iPhone soon To be used as an automated teller machine From Click to pay† Unfortunately, this feature is only rolling out for US phones at the moment, but we believe it will arrive in Europe soon.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro A screen that refreshes very quickly and therefore looks smooth. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to test this well yet. Due to a bug, third-party apps haven’t been able to handle it properly yet, but that is fixed. work next week Applications at a frequency of 120 Hz-Update the fine rate on your iPhone 13 Pro.
  • iCloud Keychain adds an option to create a file Add a note to the password.
  • With iPadOS 15.4, Apple universal control Which allows you to use your Mac’s pointer to control your iPad. You can also share files more easily between different devices
  • For apps that support SharePlay, there will be an option for SharePlay from the share menu to activate.
  • By default, you receive a notification when commands take effect, but from iOS 15.4 you can do that Now turn off notifications in Tasks.
  • And of course not forget: there again A whole bunch of new emojis† Want to flirt easier via your iPhone? There is one that sensually bites the lip. The pregnant man can also be used and interpreted in different ways.
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New Emoji iOS 15.4

Will your iPhone soon be eligible for a software update?

Apple, especially in comparison with other smartphone manufacturers, has been supporting their hardware software for a long time. We usually see five years of updates with iPhones. If your phone is on the list below, that means it can get the iOS 15.4 update next week.

Not sure which iPhone you have? to This checklist You’ll find it in seconds. We’re already tracking when the update was rolled out. Watch our website for the installation guide.

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