What does Apple announce on Monday? (iPhone News #41)

Another Apple event will take place on Monday, so it’s time to look ahead. The evening seems especially great for MacBook lovers. However, there have been more happenings in the Apple world in recent days. This is the top iPhone news of the week.

Read on after the announcement.

Apple will (maybe) announce these products on Monday

Next Monday it’s time. Then Apple organizes a new event. Presumably, the new MacBook Pro basically dominates this. We have already heard a lot of rumors about the new laptop that we now want to see in real life.

However, there may be more discoveries in the timeline. For example, it looks like Apple is also revealing a new Mac mini desktop here. The biggest improvements? New super powerful processor: M1X. In the article below we look forward to Monday.

This is what we expect Apple October Event

Apple Watch Series 7 is on sale now

Apple Watch Series 7 watch faces

It may have taken a while, but the moment is finally here. You can now buy an Apple Watch Series 7. Those who act fast will have it at home in a few days. Speaking of which, it’s unclear how big the shares are. It is therefore advisable to submit your application quickly.

What’s new in this roundup is that you can now order an Apple Watch with 4G. Easy to use, because sometimes you can leave your iPhone at home and still have access to it!

Here you can find Buy Apple Watch Series 7

Important: Update your Apple devices as soon as possible

iOS 15 review

Apple last week released software updates for the iPhone, iPad, and Watch. Unfortunately, the patches don’t add any new features, but they do fix annoying issues.

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For example, you can no longer find your AirTag (with iPhone), or has CarPlay reacted weirdly lately? These problems should be resolved after the update. Also, many annoying Apple Watch bugs have been squashed, so please take some time to update.

That’s how you can Update to iOS 15.0.2

Apple cuts iPhone 13 production due to lack of chips

iPhone 13 battery capacity

from iPhone 13 Pro stock It’s going up, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. Due to the constant shortage of chips, Apple will produce up to ten million fewer iPhone 13 models.

These reports Bloomberg Based on anonymous sources. Apple had hoped to get 90 million in the last three months of 2021 iPhone 13to produce models. The company had to tweak that plan, and quite a lot.

There is a lot too Few chips for iPhone 13

Apple WatchOS 8 photos

So far, the Apple Watch always comes in two sizes. With the Series 7, these are 41 and 45 mm sizes. With the Apple Watch Series 8, a third case size can be added.

At least, that’s what one trusted telecom insider claims. The source of the message, Ross Young, has no details, but notes on Twitter that he believes the Series 8 will come in three sizes.

Read more about Apple Watch Series 8 . format

New Apple TV design on the way?

“The new Apple TV will be thinner and will have a Plexiglas surface.” this says Mac rumors Based on a message from iDropNews. So you have to take the rumor with caution.

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The new design looks like the first generation of Apple TVs. The redesigned Apple TV gets ‘sharp edges, just like iPhone 13And iPad Pro and the iMacThis statement is a little strange, because the current Apple TV already has this design.

This is what you need to know about it Possible design for the new Apple TV

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