iOS 16: Apple Watch View – Control your watch with your iPhone

It was – later – the first iOS 16 feature Apple announced this year: Apple Watch Mirroring, also known as “Apple Watch Display Sync”. This allows you to control your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Early in May, Apple introduced this feature, In the context of World Accessibility Day. Apple Watch Mirroring was initially designed for people with a physical disability, but soon everyone can try it out. What does Apple Watch Mirroring actually mean?

Operating the Apple Watch’s small screen isn’t easy for everyone. It’s a lot of work, but Apple has come up with something for it, they announced in May: “People with physical or mobility impairments will soon be able to control their Apple Watch from their paired iPhone, so they can do more with it.”

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iOS 16 Apple Watch Mirroring: What You Need

First things first: what do you need to be able to use this functionality in the future?

iOS 16 and watchOS 9 will be released in mid-September the same day. When we do not know exactly yet.

This is how you sync your Apple Watch with iOS 16

To change your Apple Watch screen to iPhone screen, you will soon go through the following steps in iOS 16:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Click Accessibility
  • Tap on Apple Watch Sync
  • Switch the switch on the back of the Apple Watch Sync Display to green
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You will now see that your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone. Ultimately, this way you stream the screen from your watch to your watch via AirPlay. For clarity, the Apple Watch screen is framed in red. You can then turn it on by clicking and dragging on your screen. You can even actually press the buttons this way.

Is tapping and scrolling on the iPhone screen still too boring for some reason? Then you can also use switch control, voice control, or other accessibility features of your phone to control the real clock via the virtual version on the iPhone screen. If necessary, you can operate the Apple Watch with your head. This requires quite a bit of practice for the average person.

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