iOS 17.2 beta released with new features (here are the top five)

Apple is not standing still and the beta version of iOS 17.2 has now been released. This new version has quite a few new features. We’ve rounded up the five best ones.

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iOS 17.2 beta: These are the new features

After releasing iOS 17.1, Apple immediately got to work and there is now a beta version of iOS 17.2 for iPhone. This new version of the operating system has quite a few new features. These are the top five.

1. Diary application

Journaling is an app to track your daily thoughts, activities, and goals. And that’s exactly what Apple created Diary for. What’s special is that the Diary app also uses artificial intelligence to help you with the topics you need to write about.

The suggestions made to you for this depend on your behaviour. This means your behavior inside your iPhone. The app uses your photos, but it also uses the websites you visit, the music and podcasts you listen to, the workouts you do, and anything else you can think of. Fortunately, you can decide for yourself what data an app can or cannot include in its suggestions.

2. Reply faster in messages

In the Messages app in iOS 17.2 beta, you can now reply to a message faster. By pressing and holding your finger on the conversation bubble, you can send a sticker for a reply more quickly. You can choose from a sticker or emoji of your choice. It will then appear in the corner of the message.

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3. More fun features in Apple Music

You can now create a playlist with others in Apple Music. Great for a planned party or just because. In addition, favorites are placed in their favorites list.

Furthermore, there is a new focus on Apple Music. When you allow someone else to listen to music using your iPhone, the songs they listen to are not included in your recommendations.

4. Translate using the action button

In iOS 17.2 beta, the Action button has been updated. You can now attach a translation option to the action button on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. If you then press and hold the button, a window will appear on the screen. Your iPhone then listens to the spoken text to translate it.

5. New widgets

The weather widget has been given new options and Apple has added a new digital clock widget. You can put this on your home screen or lock screen.

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