Spanish League | Mateu Lahoz, who officiated the Netherlands-Argentina match, will stop working as a referee

At the World Cup in Qatar, Mateo Lahoz was the headliner. There was a lot of discussion about his performance, especially the number of yellow cards he showed in the quarter-final match between the Netherlands and Argentina. The Spaniard was also forced to leave the World Cup after that match.

After this impressive performance, he managed two more times in La Liga. His debut in La Liga immediately sparked a lot of discussion. Lahoz again gave fourteen yellow cards, this time in the derailed derby between Barcelona and Espanyol.

Very Old

In his second match after the World Cup, there was a huge buzz again. After Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli was sent off after 15 minutes, Lahoz was not given a card at all.

It appeared that the chief referee had finally finished the Lahos match as the Spaniard did not officiate any further matches after that. Various Spanish media reported that the referee finished blowing the final whistle. He was reportedly told that he was too old to referee matches anymore. Lahoz is currently 46 years old. His colleague Carlos del Cerro Grande, 47, received the same news.

Video Assistant Referee

According to Marca, Lahoz is not happy with the news. Although he can still continue as VAR. It is still unclear whether the Spaniard will do so or not.

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