Praise for De Avondshow with Arjen Laubach after Israel item: ‘Must watch’

In the broadcast, Aryan tried to explain how the situation in the Middle East developed using a history lesson. In his interpretation, he returned to the Balfour Declaration, in which the United Kingdom promised in 1917 to help the Jews obtain their own lands where Palestine was located at the time. “Although this history is very complex, we would like to try to delve deeper into it,” Arjen says. He immediately made a reservation during the broadcast that half an hour was not enough to explain all the details and complex relationships.

Evening show It led to hundreds of reactions on social media. Many viewers praised the program for trying to explain a difficult conflict in this way. It is striking that many teachers and journalists express their praise. The stream had already been viewed 125,000 times on YouTube at 8 a.m. Thursday.

Famous Dutch people also recommend their followers to watch the stream. “You don’t have to do anything, but this is a must-see evening show,” wrote presenter Manuel Venderbos. Columnist and scholar Ross Funk stated that Laubach “didn’t need to tell any jokes this time.” “But if you listen to it, it’s a very useful and informative explanation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Former politician Taoufik Deby calls the broadcast “daring” and praises that “an increasingly larger group of people is becoming more fully informed.” “pile.”

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