“iPhone 14 Pro (Max) camera sensor is 57 percent larger”

iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is coming and it looks like you will take better photos with this device. That’s because the camera sensor is getting bigger. This also has consequences for the design of the new iPhone – but will it improve…?

Recently, a post appeared on Chinese social networking site Weibo containing camera specifications and information about the camera sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). user fishing 8 Reports there suggest it will be a 48MP camera, which matches previous rumors we’ve seen. It also reported that the camera sensor is 57 percent larger than the one on the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) and 21 percent wider.

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iPhone 14 Pro: Bigger Camera Sensor

According to the post on Weibo, the camera iPhone 14 Pro (maximum) 1/1.3-inch sensor, which is similar to the one used on the Google Pixel 6. Obviously, a larger camera sensor means photos with more detail, but it also means that a larger lens is needed to let in more light. This in turn means that the ‘Camera Island’ on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is likely to get bigger as well. If the information is correct, at least the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) will take photos with a higher resolution.

iPhone 14 Pro thick

Big Camera Island

It was already known that the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) is a lot thicker from its predecessors. Meanwhile, Twitter user ShrimpApplePro Posted offers of iPhone 14 Pro (Max)† It is shown to be up to 12.6 mm thick. In comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is only 7.65mm thick, which is a nice difference. It could also mean that iPhone 14 Pro (Max) without Camera Island is the same thickness as iPhone 13 Pro (Max) with Camera Island. Anyway, that obviously makes enough room for a 48MP camera.

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big battery?

If the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) gets really big, it will also make enough space for a larger battery. It is unclear whether this will be the case. But if the dimensions that ShrimpApplePro tweets are correct, this is a very logical result. On the other hand, all this probably will not benefit the weight of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

source: Weibo

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