The Czech Republic became the first country to send tanks to Ukraine

Russian T-72 tank in Ukraine © Reuters

The Czech Republic is the first country to send tanks to Ukraine since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is an undisclosed number of Soviet-era T-72 tanks and a series of BPM-1 combat vehicles very similar to a tank. The history of the BPM-1 also dates back to the time of the Soviet Union.


Czech Defense Minister Jana Sernuchova confirmed the news without going into details, Czech media reported. It will be a gift to Ukraine after consultation among NATO members.

It was announced last week that Ukraine had purchased BMP-1 tanks from a Czech company. This deal will include 58 tanks once used by the National People’s Army of the German Democratic Republic (1949-1990). BMP-1 armored vehicles from the Soviet Union were part of the standard equipment of the Warsaw Communist Pact. With the reunification of Germany, they came into the hands of the German army, which they managed to sell to Sweden in the 1990s. But then she sold that land to a Czech company.

He’s tried to sell it to Ukraine before. But in 2019, there was a legal and political hitch and the sale to Ukraine faltered. It remains unclear whether the deal with the private Czech company has anything to do with tanks and combat vehicles, which Czech media reported on Tuesday.

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