iPhone ban? No need to connect to iTunes anymore!

Forgot your passcode and your iPhone is locked? With iOS 15.2, you can finally reset your iPhone without iTunes.

Forgot iPhone passcode

The moment you forget your access token and enter it incorrectly too often, you will be Iphone temporarily blocked. The more often this happens, the longer the wait between attempts. At some point, the iPhone is completely inaccessible and needs to be reset.

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Previously, you had to put your iPhone into recovery mode using a clumsy key combination (which often varies for each device), and connect it to a computer. On Windows, I needed iTunes to reset the iPhone, and on a Mac, pass that through the Finder.

iPhone blocked in iOS 15.2

This was changed in iOS 15.2. Owns Apple New support page Posted online to explain how resetting iPhone works now.

The moment the iPhone is blocked, the “Delete iPhone” button will now appear at the bottom of the screen. When you click this, the iPhone asks if you want to confirm the choice. Then enter your Apple ID password as a security measure.

This requires the iPhone to be connected to the Internet. It could be a known Wi-Fi network, or a mobile network. In the case of an iPad (without cellular), where this process works in the same way, it is important to perform the reset at home.

File recovery

After performing the reset, your iPhone is completely erased. This is to prevent malicious parties from accessing your files through the reset.

So you have to restore a backup by yourself via iCloud or iTunes to get your files back. Your iPhone will walk you through this process once the reset is done.

source: 9to5mac

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