Iran and the United States are not yet close to a new nuclear deal

DOHA (Reuters) – Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported that indirect talks between Iran and the United States on Wednesday yielded no results. Delegations from both countries were in Doha to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, but they were nowhere near a new agreement.

The Iranian-American negotiators did not speak to each other directly in the Qatari capital, but through a mediator from the European Union. Negotiations have made little progress in recent months. Both sides accuse each other of not wanting to make concessions. Under the original agreement, Iran would reduce its nuclear activities in exchange for the suspension of international sanctions. US President Donald Trump withdrew his country from it, but his successor, Joe Biden, supports the deal.

The United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom are angry that Iran is not cooperating with full transparency with the International Atomic Energy Agency. On June 9, Iran announced that it would remove 27 cameras from the International Atomic Energy Agency. Director-General Rafael Grossi said the move could be a “fatal blow” to the nuclear deal. He thought at that point that there were only three or four weeks left before it would be impossible to salvage the deal. However, Iran’s foreign minister told Tasnim news agency on Wednesday that a solution is still possible if the United States takes a “realistic” stance.

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