Iran resumes talks with world powers on nuclear treaty

At the end of November, Iran will enter talks with several European countries, China and Russia about restoring nuclear agreements from 2015. This is what Iranian negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani said. announced on Wednesday. The meeting will be held on November 29 in Vienna, Austria. In addition to Iran, China and Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and European Union Representative Josep Borrell will attend. Representatives have been trying to rehabilitate the nuclear deal since April of this year, after then-US President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018.

But the talks have stalled since the Iranian elections this summer. The US State Department told Reuters news agency that the United States may be open to new agreements if the Iranian delegation is willing to negotiate the return “in good faith”. European Commission talking about “Possible return of the United States” is one of the topics to be discussed. Concerns have been raised in the West over Iranian reports that the country has begun preparations for uranium enrichment.

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Under Trump, the US unilaterally withdrew from the treaty dating back to 2015. The former US president then hit the Asian country with economic sanctions. In response, Tehran proposed expanding its nuclear program. Trump’s successor, Joe Biden, had previously vowed to cancel the US withdrawal from the agreement. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi takes a hard line on foreign policy.

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