The United States and Britain impose sanctions on a Chinese company over cyber attacks

The hackers are said to have attacked the companies, according to the US Treasury Department. In Britain, an attempt was made to break into the email accounts of MPs who criticized China. The British also say that Chinese hackers are behind a cyber attack that obtained the data of tens of millions of British voters. The British government announced this hack in 2023, but until now it was not clear who was behind it.

British media reported that cybercriminals were able to access email servers and copy electoral rolls containing the data of about 40 million British voters for more than a year. However, British Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden says that “attempts to interfere with UK democracy have not been successful.”

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Britain denied these allegations. “The so-called cyber attacks launched by China against the United Kingdom are completely fabricated and a malicious slander. We strongly oppose such allegations,” the spokesman said. Doden has now summoned the Chinese ambassador.

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