Lecture on sanitary densification, noise and health – Eindhoven Digital City

Monday, April 8 ACE Lecture: Healthy Stress Location: Natlab starting at 8:00 p.m.
Free access. Registration: not necessary

Residential company 156 apartments for social rent for one or two people

Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven will then welcome Jackel Henstra (KAW), Emile van Vugt (FAAM Architects) and Petra Dijkgraaf (Rho Consultants) to lecture in the Healthy Densification Series. This lecture series is a continuation of Violet Schoenberger's annual health intensive. Now we discuss Eindhoven densification on the basis of a number of in-depth cases and discuss noise and health aspects.

Architectural firm KAW reported in a recent study that there is enough space in the existing city to add housing for social rent. The agency conducted city surveys in thirteen municipalities, including Breda, Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal and Etten-Laur, and came to the conclusion that if this problem was dealt with in an intelligent way, 26,000 new homes for social rent would be built in these thirteen municipalities. These are neighborhoods from the 1970s. The architectural firm worked on a similar approach in Eindhoven. In the Generalenpoort area, 46 single-family homes were recently demolished between Generale Dibietzlan and Generale van Nijnattenstraat, where three apartment complexes will soon be built. Residential business It is building a total of 156 new apartments here for one or two people (see photo). It is not just an answer to the high demand for (social) rented housing. Through the project, Woonbedrijf also hopes to promote mobility in the neighbourhood, so that the many family homes in the neighbourhood, where currently only one or two people live, will become available to new families. Jackel Henstra will discuss KAW's research and design approach.

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