Iranian women without headscarves receive warning messages from the police | Iran

Iranian law enforcement officials have recently begun monitoring the wearing of the compulsory veil using video surveillance. These checks will be intensified.

After the recent wave of protest in the country last fall, many women indicated that they refuse to cover their heads. Women protested against this commitment, especially in the big cities.

In recent months, violations of the law have been overlooked, and the notorious deputy police officer, who has long enforced the headscarf ban, has disappeared from the streets. However, this has been criticized by clerics and politicians, who want stricter compliance with clothing legislation from the government.

Last year’s protests were triggered by the killing of a young Kurdish woman in a police cell, Mohsa Amini, after she was taken into custody by the vice squad. The violent repression of the protests left at least 500 people dead.

Earlier, it had already appeared in the news that Iran had installed cameras to track and stalk non-veiled women. A few days ago, it was found that more than 150 businesses had to close their doors within 24 hours because women were working and not wearing headscarves. It belongs to 137 stores and 38 restaurants. Unveiled women are also no longer welcome on Iran’s subways.

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