Is a fan harmful to your health? – Suriname newspaper

The editors of Dagblad Suriname posed this question to a few citizens. Most of them indicate that they never thought about this. Feedback has shown that fans are used during the day and at night to keep the air cool.

For example, Sabrina notes that it’s getting warmer by the day and that using a fan is the only option at the moment. “Not everyone can buy air conditioners in their homes or sit under trees in the yard. In the evening, there are also a lot of mosquitoes in the house, so the fan stays on all evening.”

Leaving the fan on all night is bad for your health. The device not only circulates cold air. Dust and pollen are also blown into your room by a fan. This is especially bad if you have hay fever, asthma, or allergies. But even if you’re not bothered by anything, it’s unhealthy.” This is how you write De Telegraaf In an article published Wednesday.

Moreover, the article notes that it is not only harmful to the respiratory system, but also to the skin and eyes. Because the air is constantly moving, this causes dehydration. There is also a good chance that one will wake up with dry, itchy eyes. It can also cause a stuffy nose.

And that’s not all. “A fan can cause more misery. Cold air causes your muscles to contract. That’s not so bad for a while, but an entire night can have unpleasant consequences. For example, sleeping with a fan running can wake you up the next day.” with a stiff neck,” according to De Telegraaf.

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Sabrina, already mentioned above, also notes that she does not have any complaints. Stefano, who has a chronic cold, notes that he often wakes up sneezing or coughing in the middle of the evening and also has complaints like a stiff neck, but he never thought a ventilator might have caused it. When asked if he’ll turn the fan off for part of the evening, Stefano replied, “No, I don’t think so, maybe I’ll lower it a little.”


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