Sports marketer Wim Laghi sums up the evolution of women’s cycling: “Women’s cyclocross as editor”

Elaine Van Dijk, European Champion and World Champion in the Test of Time. © ISOPIX

At a discussion evening as part of the Women’s Baloise Tour, sports marketer Wim Lage outlined the evolution of women’s cycling. Olympic gymnastics champion Nina Druel was also a guest. “When the performance comes, interest follows.”

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“There is strong growth in women’s cycling, but the influx of younger cyclists takes time,” says Lage. “The U23 class is still premature, we are catching up but that will take three to five years. Cooking now is costing the competition organizers more money,” Lage said.

“The women’s circuit cross was liberating to women’s cycling in this respect. The women’s cycling races were sometimes more exciting than the men’s and the Van Art van der Poel battle in the field, even though the women were programmed into an incredible hour. This led to the idea That people are starting to see more bread in the two-in-one concept, both men’s and women’s race as a whole. This has also extended to road cycling.”

One of the speakers was Olympic gymnastics champion Nina Druel, who compared the situation in her sport. Druel: We’re one of the few sports where the women’s section is more popular than the men’s section. In this respect, it is very different from cycling. Interest in women’s gymnastics has increased significantly. The moment the achievements begin, the moment we put ourselves on the world map, the interest automatically increases.”

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About this interest: The European Championships and the World Championships in gymnastics are scheduled this year. Druel said a while ago that she would allow the European Championship to pass. The World Cup, this fall, is an option. “Actually, I’m fine. Since February I have started to build up a bit. I have been a bit late due to some aches and pains, but now I am back on the right track. I hope I can prepare for the World Cup.”

Women’s Baloise Tour, between Giro and Tour in

Between the Giro Donne and the Tour for Women, two of the most important stage races for women, the Baloise Women’s Tour will take place July 13-17. The Giro and Tour are two types of climbing races, but the stage race in the “low countries” Belgium and the Netherlands can still make some world top hats. Several World Tour teams are present. One of the top favorites for the overall win is Eileen van Dijk, the European Road Champion and the All-Time World Champion. Lorena Webbs, the women’s peloton sprinter, is also in attendance, as are Shereen Van Anroe, Eleanor Baxtedt or Nine National Champions. Some cyclocross riders—such as Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, Annemarie Worst, or Denise Betsema—use stage racing in preparation for cyclocross season.

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