Is a ghost a friend? That could have consequences

Being a victim can make you feel bad, but it can also be upsetting to be the one who ghosts. This is evidenced by a study in Informatics and informatics technologies.

According to the researchers, most studies of ghosting to date have focused on the effects on the abandoned.

But we know very little about the person who ghosts, says lead author Michaela Furay, who also knows He admits to using the strategy himself.

So she and her colleagues decided to focus on the ghost’s motivations and consequences from his point of view

Tendency to depression

The researchers conducted two surveys four months apart. 978 participants participated in the first survey, of whom 415 completed the second questionnaire.

Participants answered questions that reflected their tendency to ghost friends or loved ones, although the term “ghosting” was not explicitly mentioned in the questions.

In addition, they answered a number of other questions to learn more about their self-esteem, possible depressive tendencies, and whether they felt overwhelmed by the number of posts on their social media accounts.

Relationship is different from friendship

According to the researchers, those who ghosted their loved ones often felt burdened by social media communication. What’s more, it turns out, ghosts often didn’t feel made worse if they broke up with a date without further explanation.

It works differently in friendships. Researchers have found that those who cheat on their friends tend to develop feelings of depression over time.

However, according to the researchers, shadowing friends or loved ones does not lead to ghosts’ low self-esteem in the long term.

The average age of the study participants was over 19 years old, and there were slightly more women than men. Therefore, the findings do not necessarily reflect patterns in older adults who flop, the researchers note.

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