Watch the Dust Devil’s vortex using the Mars Perseverance Rover

Mars contains excellent ingredients for dust devils.

The probe recently appeared while taking pictures of its new environment on Mars’ dry surface You have seen a spiral Dust circulates in the distance. Below is the cloth demon behind the rover arm:

Mars is an exceptionally dry desert planet today, so it is an ideal land for the formation of short-lived dust devils. Long-lived at times Great dust storms sweeping the planetIt also obscures large parts of Mars due to the reddish Martian dust.

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Mars has not always been a dry and dusty world. Planetary scientists at NASA believe that Mars supports an abundance of water – and possibly life in it. As a space agency Refer

NASA scientists estimate that Mars contains at least 5 million cubic miles of water. This is more than the volume of water in Earth’s Arctic Ocean. If this amount of water was present on Mars today, it would cover 19% of its surface and reach a maximum depth of a mile.

The Perseverance Wagon, in search of evidence of microbial life surviving (or thriving?) On Mars, began exploring Jezero Crater, a place NASA says it likely is. “Immersed in water.”

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